Planet Oa
Hal, Kyle, both of you are so unbelievably hot it should be illegal. I love you both.

You know it!


There's nothing that makes me happier than Kilowog's insults. "Poozer", "Poo Butt", "Diaper Case"

Nothing makes me happier than showing Poozers just how much of a Poozer they really are!


So if you crossed a blue lantern and a yellow lantern would you really get a green lantern?

Ssssshhhh thats a secret!

—Guardian of Oa

Considering the fact that he uses fear against his foes, I believe Batman should, in fact be apart of the Yellow Lanterns.
And if not, then truly I am curious as to which ring you believe would suit him.

**Referring to an earlier post mentioning the "Bat-fam" and how it should be apart of the Orange Lanterns.

Well Batman was invited to the Sinestro Corps. He turned it down


Hal, I love you.

Just doing my job! *wink*

—Hal Jordan

Wait up now. Shouldn't us Orange Lantern's get the Bat-Clan? Wait, no question mark, WE GET THEM! >.<

Actually none of the “Bat-fam”, as you call them, belong to the Orange Lanterns. 

—Hal Jordan

That I wouldn't doubt. Though couldn't he be a White Lantern also? I'm not sure how it would go if Damian was also a Red Lantern with him...

That would be interesting...

He could be, but to be 90% of heros on earth have died and come back. So like 90% of could be White Lanterns

—Hal Jordan

How is it all the different Lanterns put up with one another? There must be squabbles every five seconds, especially with those temperamental Red Lanterns.



Guy does have a nice ass...but I think Dick's takes the cake. He is Dat Ass, after all.

And he's always welcome here!! We love having Dick around!!

Though, if he would like to bring along the rest of the Batclan that would be...very nice. I wonder what Corps Jason would be in..

Jason, seems to be a Red Lantern

— Hal Jordan

Dick can hang out with us as much as he wants.

He may be back tomorrow!

—Hal Jordan